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monthly Bundles as tax write-offs
plus more...

become an affiliate (referral agent) or
licensed business partner and you'll not just get all of your bundle service costs as tax write-offs plus get a ton of other revenue generating perks


it's simple...

1. enroll as a referral agent (reimbursable us$199 one-time donation to our fiscal sponsored 501c3 veduffe or enroll directly via semper fi financial services lls). donation will be used to enroll you into our sister company's (semper fi financial services llc) affiliate/partner program. you'll be able to earn 10% from all commissions earned from business processed/conducted by referrals you make to us (semper fi marketing solutions llc) and to them.

2. donation is reimbursable through a us$500 bonus provided directly by  semper fi financial services llc (a licensed broker agency of php agency inc an integrity marketing group img inc company) after (1) becoming licensed and (2) becoming a "field associate" via 10/10/10 (10 recruits, 10 applications & 10k points) in a calendar month. details will be explained on 45 minute zoom about this opportunity.

3. once you become a "field associate" as explained above, you will also be eligible to receive a fully paid for incentive from our "specialized incentives" options. to qualify you will need to have generated 10k paid points in a calendar month.

for more information please contact us at:

existing php agency team exodus
agents (unlicensed & licensed) are eligible and only need to complete steps 2 & 3.

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